Our service includes:

•          Recruiting, screening, interviewing, and assigning qualified personnel

•          Post-Offer Screening (drug/alcohol, E-Verify, skills testing, etc)

•          Providing workers with required personal protection equipment

•          Processing all payroll and paying workers weekly, including Certified Payroll

•          Providing unemployment and workers’ compensation

•          Handling all unemployment and workers’ compensation claims

•          Payment of all state and federal withholding taxes

•          Complying with all federal and local employment laws

•          Assignment of Cabildo Director of Operations to your account for day-to-day operations

Job Order
The key to a successful placement is knowing what the client needs…even if they don’t. That starts with a complete job order that flushes out all the parameters of the job. Our Business Development Director and a Recruiter will sit with the client to obtain this information.

Pre and Post Employment Screening, Application and Intake
Cabildo prides itself on delivering the right people, not just bodies. This process begins with screening. Cabildo has the ability to reach out to thousands of candidates at once through its software system, which allows us to mass text, email and call workers with the touch of a button. Not only are we looking for the candidate with the right skills, but one that is a good fit for your operation.

Our policy requires our recruiters to obtain a resume or work history, contact references to verify experience, and interview candidates face-to-face. Once a candidate is selected, they must undergo a series of screens, including completing the Cabildo application, drug and alcohol testing (which is administered by Cabildo’s in-house certified tester), E-Verify, background check and physical, TWIC, skills testing, and certifications (as required by the project). Then the candidate is invited to watch our in-house orientation video and any job specific orientation. These are administered in our offices and cover a wide range of topics including worker responsibilities and safety. Once these steps have been completed, the worker is input into Cabildo’s database system and is ready for assignment.

Cabildo maintains a strict procedure for assignment to any job that requires candidates to confirm that they have the necessary protective equipment, contact our office once they arrive at the jobsite and follow up with a call after their first day. Cabildo does not offer rides to work because we firmly believe, as do many of our clients, that is the responsibility of the worker to show up to work on time and fit for duty.

Follow Up Maintenance
After placement, our Director of Operations visits each jobsite to ensure that the workers are working safely and efficiently and that the client is happy with their productivity. Any issues are dealt with at this level. We conduct random drug and alcohol screening, as well as post incident.